Change Log

[0.2.5] - 2017-06-23


  • Improved the logging so that only the ltdmason logger is setup. This will reduce debug logging volume from boto3.
  • ObjectManger.list_dirnames_in_directory now filters out directories named .., which are artifacts of the listing process (fixes DM-11630).

[0.2.4] - 2017-06-05


  • Pin ruamel.yaml to versions >=0.10,<0.15. This protects against an API change in 0.15. (See PR #44).
  • Pin botocore to 1.5.24 and boto3 to 1.4.4. We’re seeing an issue with botocore 1.5.60 under Python 2.7.
  • Use versioneer for package versioning based on Git tags.

[0.2.3] - 2017-03-13


  • Make ACL-less uploads the default. We now expect the bucket to have a public-read ACL. This makes it easier to create lightweight IAM users that can handle uploads for individual projects.

[0.2.2] - 2016-07-28


  • LTD Mason creates and uploads directory redirect objects to S3. With Fastly/Varnish, these enable courtesy redirects like to
  • A new ltd-mason-make-directs CLI backfills such objects into an existing S3 bucket.

[0.2.0] - 2016-05-05


  • ltd-mason-travis is an alternate version of the ltd-mason command line app intended to run from a Travis CI environment for non-Eups project documentation. ltd-mason-travis defers the Sphinx build step to the Travis build setup (.travis.yml).
  • Documentation for crafting a .travis.yml.
  • Added a Developer Workflow guide.
  • Added the Change Log and License to the documentation.

[0.1.0] - 2016-03-15


  • Initial version that includes an ltd-mason command line tool to build multi-package EUPS documentation project given a metadata.yaml file.
  • Defined a schema for metadata.yaml.